Funding & Visa

Expected expenses

All accommodation booked during the registration includes breakfast and lunch will be served on all days. Dinner is provided on Tuesday and Thursday evening. On the remaining nights participants should arrange dinner for themselves. A meal at a local pub costs £10-15 or less. Everything in Oxford is within walking distance and private hire cabs are available for £5 / ride within the city.

COST funding

Some bursaries will be available to members of the COST network who are based at a research institution in a European COST country participating in MP1209, as listed here. The bursaries will cover the cost of accommodation at St Edmund Hall during the conference and provide a contribution towards travel costs and local subsistence but will not cover the registration fee of £140*. After submitting your abstract please send a short e-mail to in order to request a bursary. Accepted contributors will be prioritised before further bursaries are allocated at the end of the registration process in January '17.

Requests of bursaries will be processed by the organising committee and will not in any way influence the selection of talks and posters by the programme committee.

Visa funding

In addition to the COST bursaries we will try to re-imburse the visa costs of young participants who do not have alternative funds available for this. Please send us an email with the visa cost and bring the original receipt along to the conference in order to be considered for this support.

Visa information

Participants should check if they require a visa for the UK.

If you require an invitation letter please send an e-mail with the following details to

  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • Affiliation
  • Arrival date in the UK
  • Departure date from the UK

*Please send us an e-mail ( if you are not able to cover the conference fees and we will find a solution.

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