The Fifth Quantum Thermodynamics Conference takes place in Oxford from 13-17 March 2017 (suggested arrival on 12 March). The conference itself will be held at the Oxford Martin School with accommodation provided by St Edmund Hall.

The conference covers theory and experiments related to thermodynamics of quantum systems, information thermodynamics, thermalisation and equilibration, foundations of thermodynamics, and quantum heat engines.

Submission of talk or poster contributions

To contribute to the conference please login to this website in the top righthand corner. You may either use an existing sciencesconf.org account or create a new one. The submission window closes at 23.59 on 20 November (UK time). Registration opens in January 2017.

Important dates

19 September - 20 November 2016
Submissions for talks and posters (window closes at 23.59 on 20 November, UK time)

1-29 January 2017
Registration, room booking and fee payment (£140).
(The cost for a single room at St Edmund Hall will be £37 per night, including breakfast.)

12 March 2017
Arrival in Oxford

*This date is chosen early enough such that participants can hear back about acceptance and COST funding before paying for visa application in the UK

Contact and Poster

The organising committee can be contacted via e-mail: qtd5@opmbx.org.

The conference poster may be downloaded and printed out to advertise the conference to interested colleagues and departments.



Please send us an e-mail if you require childcare.



Local organising committee:

  • Felix Binder (NTU Singapore)
  • Luis A. Correa (Nottingham)
  • Fabio Anza (Oxford)
  • Cormac Browne (Oxford)
  • Pietro Liuzzo-Scorpo (Nottingham)
  • Gerardo Adesso (Nottingham)
  • Oscar Dahlsten (Oxford)
  • Tristan Farrow (Oxford)
  • Vlatko Vedral (Oxford)

Programme committee:

  • Chair: Janet Anders (Exeter)
  • Luis A. Correa (Nottingham)
  • Jens Eisert (FU Berlin)
  • Lidia del Rio (Bristol)
  • Jörg Schmiedmayer (TU Wien)
  • Roberto Serra (UFABC, Sao Paolo)
  • Raam Uzdin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


We are very grateful for support by the following institutions:






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